Formed in 2015, when two former members of BEND got together after their current bands went on hiatus. Billy Sayer (vocals) and Fred Allen (guitar) began writing songs. Together they decided that no genre was off limits and to let the songs write themselves.


After experimenting with everything from rock to hard rock to new wave to pop using catchy melodies, trippy sounds and electic rhythms, a handful of songs were in place. Then, another ex-BEND/LEVITY BALL member became part of the band as Ian Naumenko (drums) was brought in. Finally to round out the rhythm section, ex-PILL SQUAD/CHINA SYNDROME bassist, Gord Berry, joined and the nucleus of Beautiful Frenzy was born.


In the early summer days of 2019, Gord Berry announced he would be taking some time off from the band and Singer - Songwriter / Mutli-instrumentalist, Terry Banks, was recruited to fill in over the summer. Gord decided to move on to a different project, so we would like to officially name Terry as our new bassist, vocalist, keyboardist and songwriting partner.


Now, after plenty of patience they are ready to unleash a Frenzy unto the rock & roll world with their upcoming debut album, "Sweet Poison Pill", slated for early 2019........ and when it arrives..... everything will be Beautiful.


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